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Mindfulness, the art of noticing and observing the flow between different states of awareness, is all about 'undoing', letting go of our autopilot. When we allow ourselves to become uninfluenced by habitual behaviour we can rediscover a child-like openness, a fresh view of the world. Mindfulness is a fundamental strategy for dealing with stress. 


Combine this with the power of live music and you can experience a multi-faceted pathway towards inner calm. Music is not used to 'meditate to’. Instead, every aspect of a performance, the communication between players, the mood, the style, the composer’s philosophy and the audience response, is harnessed to engage audiences in a new way of listening / observing that compliments and develops Meditative techniques. 

Have a look at my videos below, particularly the new animation trailer for young people. If you think you know a school that might be interested in using this as a well-being resource please let me know. If you can spare yourself 4 minutes, feed your soul with the beautiful sunrise and sunset in 'Breathe'.

The videos are packed with ideas, information and exercises which will help you to delve into a wonderful world where music, mindfulness and meditation are used in an imaginative way to allow you to strengthen the connections between mind and body. 

If you are interested in finding out more about my animation resources for schools, a live performance / lecture or a bespoke class please contact me. 


If you have come across this site because you know me as 'The Mindful Homeopath', you can find out more about my homeopathy practice at


If you would like any further information, please email me at

Music and Mindfulness.mp3Ann Lovatt - Music and Mindfulness
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