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About Ann...

Ann is a long standing member of the first violin section of the City of London Sinfonia (CLS). Her work has taken her to every corner of the globe performing with a wide array of ensembles including The Philharmonia, London Contemporary Dance Theatre, the National Theatre, Shobana Jayasingh Dance Company and as a ten year member of The Michael Nyman Band. 


Session recording work has also made up a large part of her professional life working closely with the formidable arrangers Richard Niles and Simon Hale with highlights on tour with Skunk Anansie and Oasis. 


Most importantly now her work focuses on the outreach and participation work which CLS is heavily involved with. CLS has a commitment to work in the community which is exceptional and unrivalled. Long term relationships with the hospital schools at St Thomas’s, University College Hospital, Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School and with the elderly in Jewish Care provide rich opportunities for the most rewarding, inspiring and often profound music making.  


Ann has developed a Music and Mindfulness Practise within CLS which has sprung from her therapeutic roots as a practising Classical Registered Homeopath since 2009. Her observations in clinical practise made her realise that many people, particularly  young people, would draw great benefit from access to  practical methods to combat stress and that this would ultimately improve their health.


The success of this new approach which combines Mindfulness techniques with Meditative practice led by outstanding Music making has now led to further development and training of a core group of players within the orchestra who, like Ann, have experience of a professional therapeutic career alongside their music. 


Music and Mindfulness sessions usually last for one hour and can involve varying numbers of musicians. Ann had led regular sessions over the past eighteen months to audiences of all sizes. The setting can be intimate and cater for small numbers although Ann has frequently brought sessions to larger audiences of up one hundred and sixty people at a time.


Please contact Ann for further information. 

Ann Lovatt
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