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Taking part in a Music and Mindfulness session is fun, relaxing and informative. You will hear top class professional musicians playing various pieces of music especially chosen for their qualities in relation to Mindfulness and Meditative techniques.


Ann guides the audience through a number of Mindfulness exercises and leads a short guided meditation. You may be asked to remove your shoes and occasionally stand to take part in simple physical movement. The overall effect of the sessions is very relaxing and audiences will take away techniques to implement at work or in day to day situations to help with stress.


All ages are welcome. Music and Mindfulness can be adapted to suit very young and adult audiences. Sessions can either be one off or part of a series or courses on request.


Students, public speakers and professionals of all types can gain insights into breathing techniques, visualisation tools, ways to combat performance related stress and will also explore music of the highest standard at close quarters.

Mindfulness with the City of London Sinfonia

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